Top 3 Technologies To Learn In 2023 | Trending Technologies In 2023


Technology has been a part of human society for thousands of years, providing us with comfort and convenience. In recent years, technology has grown exponentially, lead

ing to a surge in job opportunities. Some of the most promising technologies for the coming year are IoT and virtual reality, which are being mass-produced for public use. Wi-Fi 6 is also expected to grow rapidly due to its improved security and high internet speed, with market value reaching 26.2 billion US Dollars by 2027. Blockchain is revolutionizing every sector from Banking and Healthcare to politics. AI as a service is currently leading the way in terms of technological advancement, with its market value expected to reach 42.4 billion US Dollars by 2027. To learn Quantum Computing you need to have knowledge in programming, mathematics, mechanics, scientific Computing and algorithms.

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